Welcome to Nanton Water

Nanton Water & Soda Ltd. is, and will remain, Canada's most dynamic, responsive, and customer-friendly water producer as defined by customer care, customized programs and flexibility.

The town of Nanton is proud to serve Canada's finest drinking water since 1950. We are a Canadian family-owned company entering into our 28th year of business and proud to be one of the oldest water beverage companies in Canada.

Nanton Water uses only the finest daily-tested natural spring water from its own private source.

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nanton-ph82-springwater-frontNew! Nanton pH 8.2 Water

The presence of substances in drinking water or in any solution can cause an increase or decrease in hydrogen ions and therefore in pH. Certain impurities can make the water more acidic, while important minerals for human health like calcium, magnesium and potassium.

We are very excited to introduce our latest product: Nanton pH 8.2 Water

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